From manufacturer to user

OFS is closely involved in the manufacture of the fitness systems. The major advantage of this for you, as our client, is that we have just one point of contact for sales and production. The path from “production” to “end customer” is therefore extremely short here at OFS. If you have any other requirements, or would prefer a customised version of one of our fitness systems, please contact us and we will be happy to cater to your needs.


With an in-house quality and development department, OFS is committed to producing a first-rate end product. By (hot-dip) galvanising our systems and applying electrostatic powder coatings, we can assure our clients that our systems will withstand all weather conditions. Our systems are primarily (90%) constructed from metal, providing excellent protection against vandalism. This should not be considered an unnecessary luxury, as many of these systems are sited in public areas.


The legal guidelines governing the use of these systems vary by country. There is no European standard as of yet. Some countries are working on national regulations, or on an experimental standard. OFS actively participates in various working groups in each of the countries in question. OFS has also notified the CEN committee that it is an expert in the field. Our systems are carefully modified according to the development of these standards. Outdoor Fitness systems are not, however, to be used as playground equipment. They must not be installed in close proximity to play areas. The systems are not suitable for persons under the age of 14 years, or for persons measuring less than 1.40 m in height.

All systems are compliant with the EN 1176 or EN 957 standard


Design and support

OFS partnered with qualified scientific experts in order to design and perfect this range. The manual explaining how to use and where to site the systems was likewise developed by experienced specialists.