Who is OFS?

OFS offers a range of robust fitness systems, specially designed for outdoor use. Designed to cater to a varied user base, these robust systems are ideal for use in communal or public spaces and provide users with the opportunity to hone their physical fitness.


Target group

When designing these systems, we paid particular attention to the varied needs of the users. Young people, adults and the elderly alike can all use our equipment to exercise specific muscle groups. The various degrees of difficulty can be adjusted to suit the fitness or needs of the user. Being athletic is by no means necessary in order to use OFS systems.


It's social ..., and anyone can do it

Using OFS systems is a social event. Various systems can be used by two or three people simultaneously. Talking while exercising diverts the attention and has a relaxing effect. Users can of course also take advantage of the seating provided, to take a breather or sit and have a chat. 

In contrast to Fit-o-meter systems, OFS systems do not require you to walk hundreds of metres. Users can achieve excellent results in a minimal amount of time and with limited space.




OFS provides guidance for users in the form of clear instructions that are displayed on the systems. If used in the manner indicated, the systems will allow users to improve their physical fitness in just a short period of time. The intensity and rhythm can also be adjusted precisely.
Using each of the OFS systems in turn will exercise the entire muscular system. The systems can be installed as a complete set, or as individual pieces of apparatus.