The wide range of usabilities of an OFS applance have been confessed.

OFS can be a perfect supplement at standard sportparcours. OFS applinaces have the simple aim for the recreant with some specific movements its of maintaining condition. The types of our apparatuses have been chosen in order to prevent overloads at normal us.


Green space

An ideal location for our appliances is a protected green space where the recreant can practise, not disturbed from any surroundings. Or share the excercises together with other recreants. The choice of the usable apparatuses is very variable.


Sport- or training

Since our apparatuses do not belong to a fixed movement formula (see. fito-meter), a recreation space with several (free to chose) OFS-appliances to possible. But the OFS recreation space can als be seen as an extension beside a Finnish piste or an other (or bigger) sport area.