Especially for the G-sportsmen OFS present some adapted appliances. The present offer is in full expansion. New apparatuses are in development and will come online stand as soon as all tests and approvals are obtained.


Deze aanpassingen zijn soms minimaal maar kunnen voor de G-sporter een wereld van verschil zijn. Zo wordt er onder andere rekening gehouden met de hoogte van de oefeninstrumenten, zodat deze makkelijk hanteerbaar zijn vanuit een rolstoel.
Sometimes these adaptations are very minimum, but for the G-sportsman a World of Difference. One of the important adaptations is the (working) height of the applieances, so that these are easily to handle.


Duo appliance

Mostly, these appliances for G-Sports are deractly delivered as duo applience. On the one side, you can find the normal appliance. On the other side, the adapted version. Now, the G-Sporter can do his exercices whereas the supervisor keeps up his/her own condition…