Manufacturing and safety

Experts also contributed to ensuring the safety of the design and aided in the selection of the best materials and treatment. Because these systems are designed for intensive outdoor use, ensuring that the materials have the best possible protection against adverse weather conditions is an absolute necessity. Treatments to protect from both rust and the effects of UV light are essential.

The intensive nature of the systems is immediately taken into account during assembly. The systems are therefore constructed from pipes (Ø114, 60 and 38 mm) that are galvanised on both the inside and outside. 

After thorough checking to ensure that the welds are safe and that the systems function properly, the frames are coated with a zinc-based primer, to protect the pipes from corrosion. 

In order to ensure that this layer adheres to the metal as fully as possible, the frames must first be cleaned, degreased and sandblasted thoroughly. Once the primer has been applied, a double layer of special powder coating is applied, which has an in-built UV filter. The screws and bolts are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and are finished with anti-vandalism covers. 

The equipment is once again checked to ensure that all of the features are working correctly and to ensure compliance with quality standards. Following this final check-up, the systems are carefully packaged to ensure protection during transport.

Ensuring correct use after construction

Once the construction of the fitness area is complete, information boards can be posted throughout the area, providing clear explanations of how each system functions and how to use each one properly. (See above example of personalised sign for the City of Beringen - Belgium)