Kenguru Super

Complex consists of ten backup columns* at the height of: 2600 mm -8 pieces, 300 mm -2 pieces.
Wall bars at the height of 2600 mm are fixed to the columns* by means of collars**.
The distance between crossbars is 340 mm, width 800 mm, height 2000 mm.
Three crossbars ar of 1200 mm length, (for pussh-ups) fixed between columns* 2600- 2600, 2600-2600, 2600-2600.
The complex includes two benches for abs.
They are fixed to the backup columns* by means of collars*** and crossbars with the length of 500 mm, diameter of 32 mm.
The complex includes a rope and rings placed symmetrically from the abs benches.
The rings and rope are fixed to the crossbars with the length of 1200 mm.
Weight - 408.6 kg

409 kg
524.8 cm x 272 cm x 265 cm