Monkey bars/ snake/wall bars/pull-up

Complex consists of seven vertical columns* with the height of 2600 mm. Four crossbars** for pullups.
Crossbars** are at the heights of 2300 mm -2 pieces, 2100 mm, 2200 mm. 
The length of crossbars i s 1200 mm. Wall bars consist of crossbars, the distance between crossbars** is 340 mm.
Pull-up bar for unclassic pull-ups is included in the complex. 
Metallic construction of pull-up bar is fixed by collars*** to the vertical columns* at the height of 2200 mm. 
Monkey bars - snake is 1800 mm long and is included in the complex at the height of 2200 mm. 
It is fixed by collars*** to two vertical columns of the complex. The distance between crossbars** of the monkey bars is 300 mm. 
Weight - 354.2 kg

Description of materials
Steel, powder coated

355 kg
584 cm x 166.1 cm x 265 cm