Cascade five pull-up bars + bench for abs

The complex consists of eight vertical backup columns* at the height of 2600 mm- 2 pieces, 2300 mm -2 pieces, 1400 mm-2pieces, 300 mm-2 pieces. Crossbars** of different levels - 5 pieces.
The length of each is 1200 mm. Crossbars** are fixed by means of collars*** at the height of 1300 mm, 1700 mm, 1900 mm, 1700 mm, 1000 mm (for fixation of the legs, on the bench of abs).
Bench for the abs is fixed between columns* at the height of 2300 mm and 1400 mm, at the height of 700 mm from the rubber foundation by means of collars***.
Weight - 210.7 kg

211 kg
543 cm x 141.6 cm x 265 cm