Classic two-level monkey bar

Complex consists of six vertical columns* with the height of 2600 mm -6 pieces. 
Monkey bars consist of two sections and is fixed on different levels: 2400 mm and 2250 mm. 
The length of each section is 1900 mm and is fixed to the vertical backup columns* by means of collars. 
The distance between monkey bars is 310 mm. Diameter of the crossbars is not less than 32 mm. 
The thickness of the walls of crossbars is not less than 4 mm. The length of complex is not less than 4000 mm. 
Maximum width of the complex is 1500 mm. Weight - 292.4 kg

Description of materials
Steel, powder coated 

293 kg
384 cm x 141.6 cm x 265 cm