Classic two-level monkey bars and 6 pull-up bars

Complex consists of ten vertical backup columns* with the height of 2600 mm -10 pieces and six crossbars** with the length of 1200 mm, crossbars** are fixed to vertical backup columns* by means of collars. 
The height of pull-up bars- 3 pieces, 2100 mm and 3 pieces - 1800 mm. 
Monkey bars consist of two sections and are fixed in different levels and heights - 2400 mm and 2250 mm.
The length of each section is 1900 mm and is fixed to vertical backup columns* by means of collars.
The distance between monkey bars is 310 mm. Diameter od crossbars is not less than 32 mm. 
The thickness of wall is not less than 4 mm. The length of complex is not less than 6600 mm. 
Maximum width of the complex is 1500 mm. Weight - 471.6 kg

Description of materials
Steel, powder coated

472 kg
645.6 cm x 141.6 cm x 265 cm